AMC Plans A Third Zombie TV Series?

Not content enough with its two “The Walking Dead” inspired shows, it looks like cable network AMC is considering a third zombie drama series.

At the recent Wizard World convention in Louisville, Kentucky, comic book artist Arthur Suydam showed off his work on George A. Romero’s comic series “Empire of the Dead” and revealed that the property is coming to television. He tells Cinema Blend:

“The series that I just finished up is for Marvel Comics. So this is me and George Romero, and this just got signed to AMC, so it’s gonna be the new big zombie series on AMC. It’s expected to be this one right here.

The comic is set in a world where vampires, zombies, and humans have forged a tenuous yet stable co-existence. Talk of an “Empire of the Dead” series took place earlier this year but at the time there was no talk of AMC’s involvement.