AMC Might Try Variable Priced Film Tickets

Concert and airline tickets do it, some European cinema chains have begun to do it, now talk has stirred again of a variable pricing model for film tickets which could see people being charged more to see big-budget tentpole films than smaller films at the cinema when they get released.

During the recent MKM Partners Entertainment, Leisure and Consumer Technology Conference, AMC Entertainment CFO Craig Ramsey spoke about the idea and how European theater chains they recently acquired have already embraced the idea over a flat single ticket price:

“They [Odeon & UCI] are further advanced in variable pricing, where tentpole movies are priced up on release. That’s something we’ve talked about in the U.S. We expect to learn a lot with what they’ve done. We think it will position us to start having those conversations about pricing opportunities in the U.S.”

No other U.S. cinema chains have mentioned the idea of adopting this, or when AMC might begin implementing such an idea should they move forward with it.

Source: THR