AMC Backs Down On In-Cinema Texting Idea

Very shortly after the idea was floated at CinemaCon this past week, AMC Theaters have backed down from the idea of making its cinemas more texting friendly at certain screenings.

AMC initially planned to allow a small select group of theaters to try out this new initiative – moviegoers would be given the option of whether or not they wanted to send text messages during their movie.

Now though, the company has not only dropped the plan but gone in the other direction – announcing plans to enforce a strict ‘No Texting’ policy during all of their AMC showtimes. There will not be any texting, for any matter, allowed inside any of their auditoriums. If there’s an emergency, the would-be texter is encouraged to leave their seat and exit into the lobby.

It was reportedly made “loud and clear” to the company that their audience does not want the in-cinema texting option available. The change of heart also follows comments from Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League who took issue with AMC CEO Adam Aron’s original comments that kicked off the furore:

“When it comes to our core business, creating a special environment for our customers to experience new stories for the first time, there is absolutely no place for the distraction of a lit phone screen… I find that to be disrespectful to the creators, those who make the very existence of cinema possible.”

The Alamo Drafthouse chain has long had a no texting policy in place.

Source: Variety