Amazon’s “Grand Tour” Is TV’s Most Pirated

Amazon’s “The Grand Tour,” its car enthusiast show reuniting the three hosts of the UK’s “Top Gear,” has scored a serious record – it’s the most illegally downloaded show ever.

Piracy data analysts at Muso recently released a new report indicating that the series had approximately 7.9 million illegal downloads for the first episode, 6.4 million for the second and 4.6 million for the third. That puts it ahead of the likes of “Game of Thrones,” “The Walking Dead” and more recently “Westworld” which have all sat around the top of piracy lists in recent years.

The show is available to subscribers of Amazon Prime, which costs a minimum of $8.99 per month. British viewers made up 13.7% of the audience watching illegally, despite being one of the handful of countries where Amazon Prime is not just available but established.

The report also suggests Amazon lost more than $4 million in revenue at current exchange rates in Britain alone for the premiere episode.

Source: The Independent, The Guardian