Amazon Scores Global Rights To AMC’s “Terror”

Amazon has made a global output deal with AMC Studios which will see the Ridley Scott-produced event series “The Terror” score a release globally via the streaming giant.

The series is based on the acclaimed Dan Simmons 2007 novel about the true story of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition in the late 1840s. Two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, traverse well below freezing conditions in the Arctic in an attempt to forge the Northwest Passage. Both ships were lost.

The novel follows a fictional scenario in which Franklin and his crew are plagued by starvation, scurvy, mutiny and cannibalism. They are also stalked across the bleak Arctic landscape by a monster which randomly picks off crewmen. Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ciaran Hinds star.

The agreement will see Amazon take first-run rights to in-house shows from AMC to release in 28 territories including Australia, Germany, Italy, India, and Japan. Subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Video service will also have second run rights to shows in a number of other countries.

“The Terror” will be the first series to emerge from the deal and will air around the world in 2018.

Source: AMC