Amazon Pulls “High Castle” Nazi Subway Ads

A very minor furor has erupted over the tastefulness of some outdoor print ads for Amazon Studios’ new “The Man in the High Castle” series.

Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for New York City Transit and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, tells Variety that Amazon has decided to pull the ads for the series from New York City subways.

The series is set in an alternate 1960s where the Axis powers won World War II with the United States now rendered an occupied territory. The ads, appearing on the shuttle line that runs between Grand Central Station and Times Square, used insignia and iconography suggesting Nazi and Japanese Imperial control of America.

Katherine Lam of Pix11 snapped some photos of the offending ads in question on her Twitter feed. You can see the shots below:

The ads were reportedly acceptable under the MTA’s current content guidelines which require ads be content-neutral and not express opinion or advocacy of a cause. New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio however has since called the ads ‘irresponsible and offensive’ to one trade paper.

Amazon released the ten episode first season on its streaming service on Friday.