Amazon Price Drop Following Apple TV 4K

With the Apple TV 4K media player having just launched, the company’s main competitor has been forced to slash prices in order to stay competitive.

Apple surprised and delighted film fans when they revealed at their keynote earlier this month that they planned to offer 4K films on iTunes for the same price as HD films (USD$19.99), and that those who had purchased HD titles would get a free upgrade to 4K.

Amazon, which had been offering 4K films at over $30 like Vudu and Google, have now cut prices with 4K titles on Amazon Video now running the range from $5-19. The catch is Amazon’s 4K selection is relatively tiny compared to iTunes.

The news comes as Amazon recently stopped selling the Fire TV amid rumors of new devices that will support 4K and HDR. Apple TV 4K is now the only standalone box that supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard, though it doesn’t yet support Dolby Atmos surround sound unlike some other boxes.

Source: BGR