Amazon Plans “Port of Earth” TV Series

Amazon Plans Port Of Earth Tv Series

Skybound Entertainment and Amazon Studios are developing a TV series adaptation of the sci-fi property “Port of Earth,” based on the Zack Kaplan, Top Cow Productions and Image Comics series launched in 2017.

The gritty sci-fi series tells the story of an alien alliance called The Consortium that has come to Earth with a business proposition: open Earth as a spaceport for our customers to use and receive advanced technology upgrades in exchange.

When rogue aliens break the Port restrictions and wreak havoc in different cities, the terms of the deal begin to change. Soon it is up to the Earth Security Agents to send them back to the Port of Earth. With The Consortium representing thousands of alien planets, the series delves into political issues of exploitation, occupation, espionage, duplicity, technology and leverage.

Marc Silvestri & Matt Hawkins will executive produce.

Source: Deadline