Amazon Plans DVR & Fire TV Combo Device

Amazon Plans Dvr Fire Tv Combo Device

Amazon is reportedly working on a new device for the streaming era that will fully combine a DVR and media player to become a household hub for the company’s online video, all while bypassing cable and satellite TV providers.

Bloomberg says the box, dubbed ‘Frank’, is a new type of digital video recorder. It includes physical storage and connects to Amazon’s existing Fire TV boxes using the same technology that Amazon’s Echo speakers use to connect to Fire TV boxes.

Users will be able to record live TV and stream the video to a smartphone so it can be watched later. The aim is to effectively challenge TiVo and Slingbox at their own game.

Amazon’s Fire TV already streams live content to the Amazon Channels service but cannot store video. Its main rivals Chromecast and Apple TV are also streamers only.

Source: Deadline