Amazon May Dump Woody Allen’s Next

Having been his biggest supporter in recent years, Amazon may be getting out of the Woody Allen business with Vulture reporting that the release of his 2018 film “A Rainy Day in New York” is going to be negatively affected if not cancelled by the groundswell of anti-Allen sentiment.

The 82-year-old Allen, coming off the critical and commercial failure of “Wonder Wheel,” has been hit hard in recent weeks as the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements and the publishing of fresh interviews and articles relating to the sexual assault allegations that daughter Dylan Farrow and her mother Mia Farrow have made for decades.

He’s now persona non grata in Hollywood. Various actors, including some of his key regulars and even some newer ones like ‘Rainy Day’ star Timothee Chalamet, are abandoning him and are publicly disassociating themselves. In more than a few cases they are also donating their salaries from those films to charity.

Not helping is that the person who wooed Allen away from his regular home at Sony Pictures Classics to Amazon was former Amazon Studios chief Roy Price who resigned in October after allegations surfaced that he had sexually harassed a key producer.

The outlet speculates that Amazon will potentially skip a theatrical release and quietly post the film on Amazon Prime, without fanfare, sometime later this year even as Allen likely had a contract for a theatrical release – meaning there may have to be renegotiations.