Amazon Develops An “Event Horizon” TV Series

Amazon Develops An Event Horizon Tv Series

Amazon and Paramount Television are developing a TV series adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s super gory and still impressively production designed 1997 sci-fi horror film “Event Horizon”.

Philip Eisner penned the film in which a spaceship that disappeared after testing an experimental gravity drive re-appears years later in orbit around Neptune.

A rescue crew and the gravity drive‚Äôs inventor are sent to investigate, only to discover that the ship traveled to a dimension outside of the known universe, one that’s essentially Hell, and it infects the ship with a sinister sentience which leads to multiple gross deaths. Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Jack Noseworthy, Kathleen Quinlan, Sean Pertwee, Jason Isaacs and Joely Richardson starred.

Adam Wingard (“The Guest,” “You’re Next”) is set to executive produce and direct the potential series once he fully finishes up work on “Godzilla vs. Kong” due for release in March next year.

Source: Variety