Amazon Adapting “East of West,” “Transhuman”

Amazon Studios and Skybound Entertainment have begun development of “East of West” and “Transhuman,” two hour-long genre drama series based on Jonathan Hickman’s graphic novel series.

“East of West” is set in a reimagined Western landscape where America is divided into seven nations. The comic follows Death as he braves his fellow riders, monsters, and corrupt gunslingers in his quest to save his mortal family from the Apocalypse.

“Transhuman” is a science fiction drama set in the near future. A divorced couple, who ran rival major corporations, offer humans the ability to genetically and robotically enhance themselves.

Hickman, David Alpert, Nick Dragotta, J.M. Ringuet, Sean Furst, Bryan Furst and Robert Kirkman will executive produce. Hickman himself will pen “East of West,” while a writer is being sought for “Transhuman”.

Source: Deadline