Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers & Fallout


With “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” now open in cinemas worldwide, it’s time to talk about the key events in the film and what it means for the franchise going forward.

By far the biggest event in the film is the death of Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone), a bold move considering Stone and her chemistry with actor Andrew Garfield has been the most consistently praised thing about this franchise since the reboot.

Yet it’s also faithful to one of the key stories in the comics. Fans have been divided by the event, with a fascinating piece over at Forbes discussing the “self-sabotaging” nature of the twist and how it has reduced the franchise’s most appealing character to being a “woman in refrigerator”.

Grantland asked the film’s director Marc Webb if Peter Parker’s character will get more romance in the next one. Webb says:

“Will Peter Parker love again? When [relationships] end, it’s very difficult to imagine emerging from that. I think that’s, emotionally, where he’s going to start off in the next movie.”

Webb also says the super villain teasers in the film, from the equipment of Doctor Octopus and Vulture to the reveal of the mysterious ‘man in the hat’ being Gustav Fiers (aka The Gentleman), was all carefully planned and considered:

“I had to talk to Drew Goddard (The Sinister Six writer/director) and make sure these things were going to be played out in the future universe. There are some very specific plans, for example, for [Doc] Ock and for Vulture. Or the man in the hat at the end of the first movie. All those things emerge with varying degrees of emphasis.”

Yet despite the careful construction, a common complaint in reviews both from critics and audience members is that the film feels rushed, a overly hasty assembly of too many elements – even with 142 minutes of breathing room.

This has led to a petition going up at asking for Sony to release a “director’s cut” of the film to hopefully fix some of the problems with the “disjointed narrative” and “lack of character development”.

The petition talks about some of the key scenes that have been cut from the film but glimpsed in the countless trailers the studio released beforehand:

– Another Peter/Gwen scene

– Extended/alternate versions of the Norman and Harry Osborn bedside scene and the scene with Peter and Harry looking into Oscorp’s records.

– An attack on Oscorp by the Green Goblin and featuring Felicia Hardy (Felicity Jones)

– An alternate version of a “tumultuous scene”

– Extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes

The big question is, even if the scenes were to go back in, would they solve the various issues that have been brought up regarding the movie?