Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posters, Viral, Quote

Emma Stone has revealed that her character Gwen Stacy is set to take on a more active role in the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel at Sony Pictures. Recently speaking with Total Film magazine, Stone was asked how many times Spider-Man saves her in the film. She responded:

“Not many. I can think of one important instance. She saves him more than he saves her. She’s incredibly helpful to Spider-Man… He’s the muscle, she’s the brains. I don’t get to do too many crazy stunts. She gets herself in the middle of stuff, that’s for sure! I do get webbed to a car. There’s s**t like that.”

Meanwhile the online viral site for the film suggests a potential re-appearence of Rhys Ifans’ Dr Curt Conners, aka. The Lizard, in the new film. According to The Daily Bugle Tumblr, the Conners character has been sentenced to either Riker’s Island or the Ravenscroft Institute.

We’ve previously been told Ravenscroft will feature in the film, which allows for the possibility of Ifans making a cameo. Finally, Sony Pictures Australia has released two new international one-sheets for the film which you can see below: