Amazing Spider-Man 2 Original Ending Talk

Reaction to Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was quite varied, with the ending in particular a big point of contention amongst not just fans of the comic but the film series as well.

This week, Bad Ass Digest received an early draft of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s script for the film and has revealed a number of surprising changes made to the final product – most notably an alternate ending.


The final film features a video of Gwen Stacy’s commencement speech serving as the motivation for Peter Parker to get out of his post-Stacy death funk and become Spider-Man again after months away from the job. In the Orci and Kurtzman draft, the motivator is a surprise twist:

“The same thing happens here! But instead of finding a tape of Gwen’s super on-the-nose graduation speech, Peter is approached by… his dad! Yes, Richard Parker shows back up at the end of the script, and he tells Peter he’s been watching him for years. He’s seen him become Spider-Man and everything. It’s Richard who convinces Peter to become Spider-Man again, and in his last scene in the movie he tells Pete ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’ FINALLY working the famous phrase into this new series.”

The original draft featured appearances by J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson, including a scene where Jameson complains that the internet is killing the newspaper business. There’s also a scene later on where Spidey and Electro’s first fight destroys the Daily Bugle’s printing press.

Also in the original, Peter actually gives his blood to Harry Osborn rather than Harry injecting himself with spider venom. It’s also revealed the Goblin suit was specifically built in secret for Norman Osborn and it’s in Norman’s boathouse where Harry finds it.

Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon is also more fleshed out, his character living at home with his handicapped mother. When he “dies” in the incident that makes him Electro, he learns his mother was faking her handicap to leech of him and uses his death to score a big payout from OsCorp. THAT sets off his Times Square confrontation with Spider-Man.

Finally there’s the scenes featuring Mary-Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley) which were shot but then cut from the sequel entirely:

“The original script includes all of the MJ scenes, and she’s introduced as the Parker’s new next door neighbor. Her dad is an abusive drunk and she’s a waitress who builds motorcycles in her spare time. She has a Spider-Man tattoo on her wrist, and she’s clearly interested in Peter, who is totally hung up on Gwen.

At one point Spider-Man confronts MJ’s dad, telling him to lay off the girl. At the end of the script Gwen comes to Peter’s house before heading to London; he’s gone but she meets the new neighbor. They have a friendly exchange and MJ says that she always attracts dickheads and asks Gwen what her advice is to get a guy like Peter. ‘Date a nerd,’ Gwen says before heading off to die, basically giving MJ the okay to get with Peter.”

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