All Susanne Bier Needs “Is Love”

Danish helmer Susanne Bier (“After the Wedding”) is set to shoot “All You Need Is Love,” set along Italy’s Amalfi coast, as her next picture reports Variety.

Bier says her new film will center around a Danish family, much like her last film “In A Better World” which too the foreign-language Oscar last weekend. This one however will have a lighter and more comic tone.

“It’s a tender story with a much lighter atmosphere than my previous works: enough with conflicts,” she tells Italian daily La Repubblica.

Zentropa, Teodora Film and Lumiere are all on board to co-produce. Shooting will kick off on location in May.

Bier was linked last week to “Rapt”, a remake of the Cesar-nominated French true story thriller. No word on whether plans to begin filming towards the end of the year will still go ahead.