All-Female “Spider-Man” Spin-Off Planned?

Sony Pictures still seems to be sorting out how to move forward with their “Spider-Man” franchise and today, one of the more interesting rumors about what they are considering has emerged over at Badass Digest.

The site says the studio is developing a project currently going by the in-development (and decidedly not final) title “Glass Ceiling”. The project aims to bring all of the female Spider-Man characters together.

This could well be the female-lead Spider-Man movie that Lisa Joy Nolan was hired to pen the script for back in August this year. At the time it wasn’t certain which character would be the focus, but this would seen to indicate it won’t be one but an ensemble.

The site suggests the likes of The Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Girl, Silk, Spider Woman and Firestar are all mentioned as possibilities for the project. None of this is confirmed, and for now all we are sure of is that the studio is still developing its “Sinister Six” spin-off film.