Alistair MacLean’s Novels To Become Mini-Series

One of the world’s most famous spy thriller and war adventure novelists is about to make a comeback as Dancing Ledge Productions have announced that they are teaming with HarperCollins to adapt the novels of Alistair MacLean into an event TV series.

The first project under the pact is “San Andreas,” a thriller set on board a torpedoed WW II hospital ship. As the ailing ship attempts to make its way back across the North Atlantic to Scotland, a saboteur picks off members of the crew. Tony Marchant (“The Secret Agent”) is adapting the script.

The plan is to adapt each of the books into four to six-part limited event series. It’s not clear which of MacLean’s books will be adapted, there’s been numerous film adaptations of this work in the past including stone cold cinematic classics such as “The Guns Of Navarone,” “Ice Station Zebra” and “Where Eagles Dare”.

No word on when production will begin or how many will be made at this point.

Source: Deadline