Alien: Isolation Sticks To Survival Horror

The upcoming video game “Alien: Isolation,” set between Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and James Cameron’s “Aliens,” will be very true to the survival horror genre according to creators Creative Assembly.

Creator Alistair Hope tells Edge Online: “I think this team really got a lot out of Dead Space 1 and Resident Evil. But those franchises moved in a direction that isn’t… Well, I think that fans of those originals have been marginalized and sometimes it feels like these days they’re just a couple of degrees away from being Gears Of War.”

It’s a fair criticism, “Dead Space 3” and “Resident Evil 6” minimised or outright dropped the survival horror elements that those franchises made their name on and focused on being co-op shooters in order to try and appeal to the mass market. It didn’t work, the entries were heavily panned by reviewers and underwhelmed in terms of sales – “Dead Space 3” selling only 1.64 million copies as compared to the first two which sold over 3 million each according to

‘Isolation’ on the other hand is sticking very much to that survival horror niche that is rarely being explored in gaming these days, especially outside the incredibly overcrowded zombie game genre, but it’s a move fans are expected to welcome. ‘Isolation’ will be single player only, no co-op or multiplayer. There is only one alien, but to make it a challenge there are no weapons – your only mission is to survive.

This allows the developers to build atmosphere and intense level of suspense. In other interviews, they’ve compared elements of it to great games in the genre over the past decade or so – “Amnesia: The Dark Descent,” “Limbo,” “Condemned” and “Thief”.