“Alien: Isolation” Recut As A Digital Series

Alien Isolation Recut As A Digital Series

IGN has announced that they will launch an episodic digital series adaptation of the acclaimed 2014 survival video game “Alien: Isolation”.

The story is set fifteen years after Amanda Ripley’s mother disappeared aboard the deep space towing ship Nostromo. For all that time she has suspected there was more to her mother’s story than meets the eye.

The digital series will blend the cut scenes from the 2014 game and adding in new story beats to bring the tale of Amanda Ripley to life in a new way. It will consist of seven episodes and will be released exclusively on IGN.com and IGN YouTube tomorrow morning (Thursday, February 28th) at 9am US-PT.

Check out the launch trailer below. The news comes as a 4K version of the original 1979 Ridley Scott film will be released on UHD Blu-ray on April 23rd:

Source: IGN