Alien: Covenant To Sport Familiar Aliens

One of the biggest complains about Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” was that the film didn’t really show off any of H.R. Giger’s original creature design of the xenomorph. Instead, the “Alien” prequel opted only for a brief scene at the end with what’s been dubbed a ‘Deacon’ form of the creature.

When Scott announced several follow-up films were in the works that would lead back to the original “Alien,” the thinking was that we still wouldn’t get to see the original creature design back in action until likely the last of these films.

That’s not the case though according to Scott today. Speaking with The Wrap, the filmmaker says the upcoming first of the “Prometheus” sequels – “Alien: Covenant” – will bring back not just the original alien design but all its different incarnations too:

“We’ll have them all. Egg, face-hugger, chest-burster, then the big boy. They’re going to go to the planet where the engineers came from, and come across the evolving creature that they had made. Why did they make it? Why would they make such a terrifying beast? It felt bio-mechanoid, it felt like a weapon. And so the movie will explain that, and reintroduce the alien back into it.”

The new film follows the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy which they discover is a dark, dangerous world – the home of the Engineers. Its sole living inhabitant? The “synthetic” David (Michael Fassbender) from the doomed Prometheus expedition.

“Alien: Covenant” will shortly begin production in Sydney ahead of an October 6th 2017 release.