“Alien Covenant” Footage Screens, Cameo Revealed

Fox’s media presentation yesterday of product from its upcoming slate included more than just the first act of “Wolverine,” it also boasted a new trailer for “War of the Planet of the Apes” which has since gone online, and also included a first look at two scenes and the first trailer from Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” follow-up “Alien: Covenant”.

Amongst the reactions there’s The Playlist: “looks terrifying. Throwback to Alien 1 and 2. Looks like full blown horror” and Erik Davis: “The #AlienCovenant stuff was crazy, bloody, gnarly & just plain badass. Multiple aliens, hang on to your stomachs – things get gory.”

Chuck in Fandango: “What’s interesting about #AlienCovenant is that most of the space travelers this time are couples & colonists. And the aliens are crazy!”. Angie J. Han: “Well #AlienCovenant looks intense. Gory. Terrifying. Disgusting. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.”

Finally there’s Brandon Davis: “Long clip from Alien: Covenant just played. Extremely, extremely violent. Action packed. Alien fans will love it. Then a teaser trailer.” No date has yet been announced for that trailer launch.


In related news, a report over at AvP Galaxy indicates James Franco has a role in the film, playing the Covenant’s captain Branson who is also the husband of Catherine Waterson’s Daniels. The site says: “Franco’s appearance will only be brief, he appears in the first ten minutes or so of the film with later small appearances.”

Michael Fassbender revealed last month that he plays multiple android characters in the film, and that Scott already had a cut of the movie assembled – probably the main reason Fox moved up the release date by three months to a May bow.