Alex Russell, Chris Gorak Set For “Attach”

Aussie actor Alex Russell (“Chronicle,” “Carrie,” “Cut Snake”) is set to star in the sci-fi thriller “Attach” which Chris Gorak (“The Darkest Hour”) is slated to direct from his own original script.

Russell plays star athlete Daniel Townsend, who undergoes an experimental surgery that permanently attaches a cutting-edge bionic arm and leg to his body after he loses his own in a car accident.

When he realizes the advanced intelligent prosthetics may have a destructive mind of their own, his rehabilitation quickly transforms into a desperate fight to save himself and everyone around him. Adam Shroeder and Rob Paris will produce.

Russell will next be seen in Joseph Kosinski’s fiefighter drama “Granite Mountain” starring Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin and Miles Teller; Greg McLean’s thriller “Jungle” co-starring Daniel Radcliffe, and Del Kathryn Barton’s experimental short “Red” co-starring Cate Blanchett.

Source: Deadline