Albino To Hunt “Hitman” In Sequel?

2007’s “Hitman”, the $24 million film adaptation of the hit video game series, took in around four times its budget worldwide theatrically. Thus when talk of a sequel emerged, it wasn’t a major surprise.

Kyle Ward was originally hired to write the script a few years ago, now scribe Daniel Casey (“Jimmy Six”) has apparently penned the most recent draft and has turned it into 20th Century Fox who are said to be pleased with the results reports Latino Review.

According to their source the sequel is a “new take on Agent 47 and the franchise…the story mostly takes place in the U.S. I was also told that a the villain known as ‘Albino’ is whom Agent 47 goes up against.”

The ‘Albino’ he refers to could be the character from the fourth game in the series, “Hitman: Blood Money”, which is also the game that marked the arrival of master assassin Agent 47’s character in the United States.

It seems unlikely that “Deadwood” and “Justified” star Timothy Olyphant would return, but we’ll see. At last report Spanish helmer Daniel Benmayor is set to direct.