Albert Hughes To Helm “Fugitive” Remake

Albert Hughes To Helm Fugitive Remake

Warner Bros. Pictures has just set Albert Hughes (“Alpha,” “The Book of Eli”) to helm a feature reboot of “The Fugitive,” a new take on the property which finds itself in competition with a rival.

The story follows Richard Kimble, a man accused of murdering his wife who becomes hellbent on finding the one-armed man who actually did it and with whom Kimble struggled after the killing. Brian Tucker (“Broken City”) is writing the script for the new take and Erik Feig will produce.

The property first arrived as a 1963 TV series starring David Janssen, but is best known for the 1993 Andrew David-directed film starring Harrison Ford as Kimble and Tommy Lee Jones in an Oscar-winning performance as the U.S. Marshal hunting him down.

This version is in competition with another “The Fugitive” remake on the way over on the short-form mobile-only streaming service Quibi launching in April. That version is a loose spin on the story in which a man (Boyd Holbrook) is accused of blowing up an LA subway station and must prove his innocence. Kiefer Sutherland also stars as the marshal hunting him down with social media and real-time updates heavily tying into the story.

Source: Deadline