Alan Taylor Talks “Thor” Sequel Reshoots

With additional filming on “Thor: The Dark World” in the UK this month, filmmaker Alan Taylor recently spoke in further detail about the reshoots with Collider.

He dispelled the rumor of he and Marvel bickering over a longer cut of the film, saying “it was never an issue” as he doesn’t know what the runtime is yet.

Where they did butt heads was choice of who was doing the music – “there was a composer I wanted to go with and it didn’t work out for Marvel, so I was unhappy with that.” He then went into detail about the additional filming:

“we’re almost done cutting, primarily because we have so many visual effects that eventually you have to take your hands off it and let them do their magic. But we’re literally shooting some things this week.

Anthony Hopkins is in town so we’re continuing to do what Kevin Feige calls ‘plus’ the movie, so there are new scenes being added even now, so if there wasn’t a release date we’d just keep on making it better and better.

it’s not like we screwed something up, it’s that we have time and money to add scenes – ‘what if we had a cool scene like this, then that would let something happen over here.’ We find the movie in that process, which I am not used to.

we’re adding scenes, writing new ones and we shot a fun connective scene with Tom Hiddleston recently, because we realised how well Loki was doing in the movie and we wanted to do more with him. And boy do the fans love it!”