Alan Partridge Movie Gets A Sequel

Baby Cow Productions co-founder Henry Normal says that Steve Coogan’s iconic character Alan Partridge is set to return in both a film sequel and a new special for British broadcaster Sky.

Speaking at Advertising Week Europe, Normal says: “We are planning a sequel, yes, that will be great. We are also looking at doing more Mid Morning Matters and another Sky special, a little bit like Coast with Alan Partridge, except I don’t think he goes out of Norfolk.”

Coogan’s character is a fictional presenter and basically sends up sports commentators and chat show presenters. He’s starred in numerous radio and TV series and specials since the early 1990s.

Normal adds that writing has begun and the film aims to begin filming late in the Summer. The first film, entitled “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa” in the U.K. and released the other week as just “Alan Partridge” in the United States, was penned by Coogan, “Veep”/”Thick of It” creator Armando Iannucci and brothers Neil and Rob Gibbons.

That film saw Partridge working at a local radio station in Norwich which is about to be re-branded and the staff faces redundancies. One of his colleagues (Colm Meaney) takes the staff hostage with Alan reluctantly pressed into service as a negotiator.

Source: Empire Online