Alan Glynn’s “Paradime” Adapted

ITV Studios America and One-Two Punch Productions have optioned Alan Glynn’s upcoming psychological thriller novel “Paradime” with plans to adapt it into a scripted TV series.

The story follows Danny Lynch, a man who has returned to New York City after a stint in Afghanistan. Trying to make ends meet, he gets a job as a line cook in a high end restaurant.

From his prep station he views the privileged clientele including a billionaire tech mogul who couldn’t be more different to him except for one thing: in appearance, they are identical.

The closer Danny looks at Trager’s life, the more fixated he becomes. His reality blurred, Danny starts making decisions that will irrevocably change his life.

“Medium” creator Glenn Gordon Caron is attached to write and direct. Caron, Deborah Spera and Maria Grasso will executive produce. Glynn’s novel “The Dark Fields” served as the source material for “Limitless” the film and TV series.

Source: Deadline