Alan Ball On His Upcoming Films

Alan Ball (“American Beauty,” “Towelhead”) has revealed that he hopes to get started on his third film project soon.

“I have two scripts that I wrote years ago, both of which I still believe in. I’m actually thinking of trying to produce one and not direct and there’s another one that I’d like to direct,” he revealed to MTV News.

“The one I want to direct is a screwball comedy. It takes place in the 30s. It’s kind of a romantic farce about two very bullheaded people negotiating their sexual relationship within standards of that time, with that language, and with all the trappings of 1936. They’re both incredibly wealthy at a time when the rest of the world is going hungry, which I find incredibly timely” says Ball about the latter project.

As for the other one? “It’s a dark, dark comedy about a woman who just gets fed up with being a doormat…and it’s got a body count.”

At present, Ball is focused on writing the second season of his HBO vampire series “True Blood”.