“Aladdin” Tracking For $85-115M Opening

Aladdin Tracking For 85 115m Opening

Two months out from the film’s opening, the earliest long-range tracking figures for Disney’s “Aladdin” are in and already it’s looking to be the juggernaut that “Dumbo” wasn’t the other week.

Box Office Pro reports that Guy Ritchie’s live-action take on the 1992 cartoon is on track for a $70-$95 million opening domestically for the three-day and between $85-$115 million for the four-day Memorial Day holiday weekend.

There’s still two months between now and the film’s release date with Disney still having plenty of time to raise awareness. The full trailer the other week appears to have also turned some of the negative buzz around, while the whole “Friend Like Me” sequence was just screened for exhibitors at CinemaCon yesterday which suggests the studio is quite confident.

“Aladdin” hits theaters on May 24th.