“Aladdin” Targets Decent Reviews, Good Box-Office

Aladdin Targets Decent Reviews Good Box Office

The review embargo on Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Aladdin” have hit and the verdict is probably better than many expected.

With 46 reviews counted, the film currently sits at 64% (6.16/10) on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews have praised the trio of leads (Naomi Scott, Will Smith and Mena Massoud) and some of the original additions to the story along with the production design, whilst criticising the look, writing, some of the supporting performances, the direction and more.

Whatever the case, Disney is set to make a small mint off the title this coming holiday weekend. “Aladdin” is expected to earn a solid $75-85 million, which would rank on the lower end compared to other Disney remakes, but nearly double that of Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” earlier this year.

In addition, the film is bowing day-and-date in every major international market, aside from Japan, bringing its global total weekend haul estimate up to somewhere around $170 million. The project marks the second of three live-action remakes hitting this year, the third being “The Lion King” arriving in July.

Source: Variety