Akira Remake Still Moving Forward

“Iron Man” scribes Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus have come aboard to pen a new script for the “Akira” remake says Collider.

First announced in February 2008, Warner Brothers and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company had been developing the film with Gary Whitta (“The Book of Eli”) scripting and Ruairi Robinson directing.

Yet little news came out about it since then with the last report back in June indicating Robinson had left the project which was essentially dead. Reports of its death may have been premature however.

The new writing duo are about to hand in their script shortly and if it meets approval from the studios, the film could commence production next year for a Summer 2011 release.

The original film’s story was set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war “New Tokyo” in 2019 where a teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers. The gang’s leader must find a way to stop the ensuing swathe of destruction.

This film version shifts the setting to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.