Akira, “Oldboy” Remake Updates

For a while there it seemed the pointless remakes of two of the most internationally well-known and well-regarded Asian films to have ever been made were not going to get off the ground. That no longer seems to be the case unfortunately.

Hot on the heels of word that Zac Efron is in contention for the lead role of Shotaro Kaneda, Bloody Disgusting reports that Morgan Freeman is reportedly circling the role of The Colonel in the upcoming live-action adaptation of 1988 Japanese anime classic “Akira”.

This new adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic manga is to be helmed by the Hughes Brothers (“The Book of Eli,” “From Hell”). Freeman’s character starts out as the seeming antagonist of the piece, the head of a Government project researching psychic test subjects.

In other remake news, Pajiba reports that “I Am Legend” scribe Mark Protosevich is apparently close to finishing a script for the “Oldboy” remake at Mandate Pictures.

Thought to be essentially dead a few months ago, Mandate is apparently keen on the new draft and is already planning to send it out to filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle once it is complete.