Agent Carter To Go Lighter Next Year

Hayley Atwell appeared at Comicpalooza recently where the star of ABC’s “Agent Carter” not only confirmed that the Marvel show’s second season will feature a higher ten episode count, but that the tone of the new season will be something warmer and quite different to the first.

She tells Digital Spy:

“What was very exciting is, in a second season she’s grieved over Steve and she’s now about to embark on a new adventure in her life. So she’s in a much better place, so in terms of where she is it’s going to be a lot lighter for her, there’s going to be more humour to her and more warmth. She’s not struggling so much with her identity.

I also think the show runners really want to move it forward. So it’s going to be set in LA and with ten episodes it’s going to be a very glamorous, dark world of 1940s Los Angeles. I think it might be touched upon a little bit about her background, but I think we want to move it forward so the audience feel like we are taking them on a new journey”

ABC is targeting the second season of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” to air in the first quarter of next year.