Agent Carter Timeline, “Killing Pool” Planned

The show runners behind the upcoming “Captain America” Marvel series spin-off “Agent Carter” say that Peggy Carter’s adventures already have a rough time line sorted out.

tell SHH the series starts after the war and they “have parameters” regarding what years they can set stories in. Fazekas adds “There is an end point to the series. That’s all I can say.”

Meanwhile, Red Union Films, Pinewood Pictures, and IM Global have announced plans to co-produce the eight-part crime thriller series “The Killing Pool” based on the novel by Kevin Sampson. Production would commence early next year.

Set in Liverpool, the story follows drug surveillance specialist DCI Billy McCartney as he unpeels the layers of an intercontinental heroin-dealing dynasty, forcing him to confront his ultimate nemesis. [Source: Deadline]