Agent Carter Series To Be Set Pre-SHIELD

Following the announcement of Marvel’s “Agent Carter” TV series, opinion pieces about the show seemed to work under the assumption that it would be focusing on the formation of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organisation.


Fans are understandably excited at the prospect, it could potentially showcase the start of Hydra’s infiltration of the group, how Zola became a computer program, and how Bucky Barnes became the Winter Soldier.

Forget that fan service for the immediate future though, a new IGN interview with the team behind the series say the new show is taking place earlier than expected, in fact it will start before the events seen in the Marvel “Agent Carter” One-Shot.

Producer Louis D’Esposito says: “You’re not seeing the beginning of SHIELD. You’re seeing the SSR and Peggy Carter working for the SSR and eventually how it will become SHIELD. But that will not happen in the first season, it takes a little bit of time before that happens.”

Instead it sounds like it’s starting right after the events of ‘First Avenger’, HYDRA has been freshly defeated but we will “eventually” see them again. The first season will also be one large eight-part story (ala “Fargo,” “True Detective”) rather than eight stand-alone episodes.

Howard Stark’s butler Edwin Jarvis will play a key role in the series and is an important ally to Peggy Carter. He’ll also have access to technology Peggy can use. There’s also one major Marvel villain for the season, but they can’t reveal who it is.