Agent Carter Poster, “SHIELD” Future Talk

Last night’s Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” mid-season finale ended with a major revelation, and now the show’s producers have been discussing the bombshell with


Executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen confirm that Skye is the Inhumans character Daisy Johnson:

“We’ve dropped her name and it’s the origin of the new version of her. Or the origin of the true version of herself, which is Daisy Johnson”.

Asked about how long they’ve been planning this, Whedon says:

“It was somewhat of a moving target early on, in that we knew Skye would be an orphan and would uncover secrets about her past. We had an idea of what we wanted some of those to be that found their ways into the storyline, but exactly who she was we landed on early last season, or midway through last season. We started setting it up early in the beginning of last season.”

Now that her powers are activated, they can explore the question of what happens to a hero when they become super. Tancharoen says:

“It’s been a property in the Marvel Universe that we’ve been interested in since the beginning. Our tagline when we began the show was ‘not all heroes are super,’ and we wanted to focus on that and highlight that for the first season. Now as we move forward we’re diving deeper into the Marvel Universe, and it’s our way of exploring a whole new world that may be comprised of people who have special abilities. We think that’s going to open everything up for us.”

Marvel Entertainment and ABC have also premiered a brand new poster for the upcoming “Marvel’s Agent Carter” limited series which will premiere January 6th. Set in 1946, Agent Peggy Carter finds herself working for the covert SSR. When old acquaintance Howard Stark finds himself being framed for illegal arms dealing, he contacts Peggy to track down those responsible and clear his name.