AFM Casting: Gere, Harden, Caine

The American Film Market is underway in Los Angeles with a whole slate of projects being announced with big name stars attached to drum up interest. The Hollywood Reporter says that amongst those mentioned at the confab are:

“The Prodigy” – A $25 million Ericson Core-directed drama based on the true story of a young mathematical genius. Richard Gere will play the genius’ father, and shooting begins in January.

“Not Forgotten” – Dror Soref’s supernatural thriller has Jordanna Brewster playing the second wife of Simon Baker who is haunted by the disappearance of the daughter from his first marriage. The two consult a mystic, and secrets emerge that both would rather remain buried.

Caroline Dhavernas, Julia Stiles and Paddy Considine will all star in Jamie Thraves’ adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel “Cry of the Owl”. Dhavernas plays the ex-wife of a man out for revenge on the woman (Stiles) who dumped him.

“Is There Anybody There?” – An odd-couple British drama in which Michael Caine is set to play a magician who moves into an old-age home in a British coastal town in the 1980s. John Crowley will direct.

“The Lonely Maiden” – Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy play museum guards who decide to steal the eponymous work of art. Walken’s character changes from obsessing over the art to learning the true value of his wife (Marcia Gay Harden). Peter Hewitt helms the Yari Film Group comedy which Mike LeSieur wrote.

“44 Inch Chest” – Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, William Hurt and Tim Roth are attached to star in the dark comedy about a motley crew of British gangsters in what’s being described as a “Reservoir Dogs”-style tale of love and revenge. Malcolm Venville is attached to direct.

“Fellini Black & White” – Antonio Banderas, Emily Watson, Liv Tyler, Laurence Fishburne and Peter Dinklage star in the story of famed director Federico Fellini’s two-day trip to Los Angeles to accept an award. Henry Bromell is attached to write and direct. Watson is attached to play his wife Giulietta Massina, and Tyler, Fishburne and Dinklage play denizens the director views in his trademark Fellini-esque way.