AFI Unveil Their Annual Top 10 Film & Shows

Of all the top ten lists, the American Film Institute’s annual best of film list is one that carries a lot of weight. Composed of leaders from the film, entertainment, business and academic communities, this prestigious group made headlines years ago when they voted “Citizen Kane” the best film ever made.

They don’t rank their top tens and don’t explain their choices, they simply list their top films which usually includes a healthy mix of mainstream and art house with the occasional WTF selection creeping in.

If there’s one limitation though it’s that the organisation’s nature means only American films are selected, so great foreign fare doesn’t make the list. This year the honorees (in alphabetical order) are:

“12 Years A Slave,” “American Hustle,” “Captain Phillips,” “Fruitvale Station,” “Gravity,” “Her,” “Inside Llewyn Davis,” “Nebraska,” “Saving Mr. Banks” and “The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

The group also picks their Top 10 American TV series which sees some notable omissions from previous years including “Homeland,” “The Walking Dead,” “Modern Family” and “American Horror Story”. The list this year includes:

“The Americans,” “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Good Wife,” “House of Cards,” “Mad Men,” “Masters of Sex,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Scandal” and “Veep”.