Affleck’s “Live By Night” Flop To Cost $75M

Ben Affleck may owe Warners big time. The actor/filmmaker’s fourth film as director, the Florida rum runner gangster picture “Live By Night,” has proven something his first three films were not – a critical and box-office failure.

Opening in December and going wide the other week, the Dennis Lehane adaptation became lost amid the glut of adult-targeted prestige pictures in the market with more buzz and stronger reviews.

Now, Variety reports that Warner Bros. Pictures is looking at a $75 million loss on the project according to insiders. Budgeted at $65 million, as of this week the film has grossed just $16.4 million worldwide.

Despite Affleck’s star power, the film is expected to have very limited international appeal, and with the film being entirely shut out of the awards race it will rely on home entertainment sales, rentals and TV licensing deals to cushion the impact for both Warners and co-financer RatPac-Dune Entertainment.