Affleck’s “Batman” To Begin Shooting Soon?

We know that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns have been working on a script for an Affleck-directed solo “The Batman” movie which Warners plans to release some time in the next few years. What’s not clear is when the film will make it into production or release.

We do know that Warners now has an empty slot available for a DC film to slide into in late July 2018. If “The Batman” is to do that, it would have to begin production fairly early in the first half of 2017.

This week actor Joe Manganiello, who is confirmed to be playing the lead villain of Deathstroke in the film, appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and revealed that the project will begin shooting soon: “I play the world’s deadliest assassin, who also has one eye. We will start at some point this year, it looks like”.

Does that mean in the next few weeks? More likely it means in the coming year ahead. Manganiello previously stated that the DC Films standalone would shoot early 2017 so this would match up. Manganiello has already been fitted with his Deathstoke costume for a cameo in the “Justice League” film.

J.K. Simmons has confirmed that he’ll return as Commissioner Gordon, and Jeremy Irons has also confirmed his return as Alfred the Butler. No official announcement about the project has yet to be made by the studio.