Affleck’s “Batman” Film Would’ve Visited Arkham

Afflecks Batman Film Wouldve Visited Arkham

Famed cinematographer Robert Richardson has been out doing press rounds for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” this week, talking up the Tarantino period drama.

During a chat on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, he also spoke about one other project he was previously attached to and ultimately had to ditch when it collapsed – Ben Affleck’s “The Batman”.

For a while there, Affleck was going to co-write and direct a solo Batman film which was expected to have him reprising his role from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League”. The big difference was that he wasn’t competing with other heroes for screen space, this was going to be his own pure solo Batman movie.

Richardson was set to lens that version which ultimately fell apart in development and Affleck exited the role. That version was abandoned in favour of a whole new standalone take with “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” helmer Matt Reeves directing from his own script and with Robert Pattinson taking on the part of the Caped Crusader. Speaking of Affleck’s dismissed version, Richardson offered a glimpse of the premise:

“I wanted to shoot Batman with Ben [Affleck] cause that was the next film we had. There was a script, but not a loved script. There was a lot of work he was doing to it to change it. He was going into the more insanity aspects… He was entering more into the Arkham, he’s going into where everyone was bad… That’s where we were going. I was very interested in that one.”

Portrayed as more of a jail in “Batman Begins” and a madhouse in “Gotham,” Arkham Asylum has never really been given its fair due in live-action form even as the video games and episodes of the animated series like “Perchance to Dream” and “Trial” made good use of it.

Reeves’ “The Batman” is expected to continue casting in coming months ahead of filming early next year.