Affleck Undecided On Batman, Stan Open To Riddler

At last report, Ben Affleck’s future as the current big screen incarnation of Batman was undecided and that remains the case for the moment.

A new report at Revenge of the Fans claims Affleck scored far more than he bargained for with his work as Batman and the role was “not what he thought it would be”. However, their sources add that he’s still undecided over his future in the part:

“The present Batman is still Affleck. A change in cowl will not happen publicly until Ben is officially gone, and he is currently The Batman. But like we have said, it’s a negotiation thing right now. Not money, but appearances and creative. Ben isn’t wanting to vacate, but not wanting to commit fully.”

The sources also indicate the studio is disappointed that Affleck didn’t bring the charismatic presence to the DC universe that Robert Downey Jr. did to the Marvel universe and are as uncertain of how to proceed as Affleck is.

Speaking of Batman, Marvel Studios regular and The Winter Soldier himself, actor Sebastian Stan, recently appeared at Wizard World St. Louis and was asked which character he might want to play in a DC movie if it was offered. His answer? The Riddler whom he dubs his favourite DC character: “And honestly, I would not know what to do with the character at all. But it’s such a crazy, crazy character. Maybe I wouldn’t.”

At present, Affleck isn’t slated to reprise the role in any of the upcoming projects that are definitely coming like “Aquaman,” “Shazam” and “Wonder Woman 2”.