Affleck To Direct “Witness for the Prosecution”

20th Century Fox is reportedly closing a deal that will se Ben Affleck direct and star in a new feature film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s short story and play “Witness For The Prosecution”.

The story follows a man on trial for the murder of a wealthy widow who left her fortune to him. The suspect’s wife is initially unable to testify against her husband, but is soon called as a witness for the prosecution because she was married to another man when she wed the defendant. The story takes a few key twists from there.

Affleck, Jennifer Todd, Matt Damon and the Agatha Christie estate will produce this take while Christopher Keyser will write the script. The story was previously adapted for the screen in 1957 by Billy Wilder in a movie that starred Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton and scored six Oscar nominations.

What makes this announcement interesting is that The BBC has been casting up its own mini-series adaptation of the work which Julian Jarrold is helming and will star the likes of Andrea Riseborough, Toby Jones, Kim Cattrall, David Haig and Billy Howle.

Source: Deadline