Affleck & “The Batman” Rumors Are ‘Off Again’

Rumors of Ben Affleck’s involvement, or lack of it in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” have gone past the point of an unhealthy relationship and are now at masochistic levels.

Buried in the Heat Vision take on today’s story of Leonardo DiCaprio being wanted for the standalone The Joker film at Warner Bros. Pictures comes a comment which says Affleck will not star in “The Batman” after all.

This comes after Reeves himself confirmed last week the movie is very much a part of the DCEU leading to questions of if this is true, then will the role simply be recast, will a different character take on the mantle, or will it tell a prequel-esque story focusing on a younger Batman.

The other comment in the report that’s drawing attention is comments from ‘insiders’ which say that “Suicide Squad” actor Jared Leto was caught off guard by the plans for a standalone Joker film and is said to have made his displeasure known to his agents.

For now it seems, like the DCEU’s future at this time, everything is in flux and there’s little concrete fact out there at this time.