Affleck Schedule Shuffles Due To Batman

Warner Bros. Pictures has pushed back two movies involving Ben Affleck, likely in part due to his commitments to playing Batman.

First up, Gavin O’Connor’s “The Accountant” has been pushed back a whopping ten months from January 29th 2016 to October 7th 2016.

At the same time, the Affleck-directed adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel “Live by Night” has been pushed out of that October 7th 2016 date and into an unspecified 2017 release.

This is said to be due to Affleck quietly teaming with DC’s Geoff Johns to write a freestanding Batman movie which Affleck will direct and star in. Affleck reportedly wants to finish the work on this before getting to work helming “Live By Night” which begins shooting in November.

Warners has a bunch of DC Comics movies coming, but a new “Batman” film directed by Affleck would take precedence over many of the lesser bankable heroes.

In fact Den of Geek is reporting that a rough cut of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was just screened and there’s already talk of not just a new Batman film but a full trilogy of new Affleck-led Batman films.

Source: Deadline