Affleck Helming “Justice League”? Nope

Could Ben Affleck be directing a “Justice League” movie for Warner Bros. Pictures? Maybe not, but whatever the case the story has become the latest salvo in a trade publication war.

It began yesterday afternoon when Variety reported that Warners was expected to sit down with Affleck in the next few days to discuss helming their DC superhero team-up project with Affleck reportedly being the only person thus far to have been sent a copy of Will Beall’s script.

Affleck is something of a golden boy at the studio – while his acting career has had its supporters and detractors, his work in the director’s chair has been acclaimed from the get go along with being popular. Warners is releasing his next film “Argo” this Fall, a movie that looks likely to be the studio’s major awards contender come year’s end.

Affleck himself has also been attached to numerous other projects in recent times including an adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand” and the remake of Guillaume Canet’s “Tell No One”.

A few hours later, Deadline posted a report shooting down the talk saying Affleck’s reps have stated that the actor/director will say ‘No’ to doing the job but could take a meeting over the project anyway.