Affleck & Damon Play “First Detectives”

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd’s Pearl Street Films production company is teaming with Paramount for the Boston-set TV period thriller series “The Shadows”.

Chris Bremner (“Bad Boys 3,” “Black Friars”) created the pitch and will write the script based on the Matthew Pearl’s Boston Globe Magazine article ‘Into the Shadows’.

Set in the late 1840s, a time when Boston had 140,000 residents but only 30 police officers and 150 patrolmen. With crime rampant, the mayor gave the nod to the creation of the country’s first undercover task force to work with criminal informants abd wear plain clothes.

The group revolutionized law enforcement as it blurred the lines between right and wrong amidst the xenophobia and hysteria of the nation’s first great immigration wave.

Source: THR