Affleck, Cavill On Their Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne

French film publication Studio Cine Live (via Batman News) has unveiled a major cover story about Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as part of their upcoming issue. New interviews with the key cast members in the articles have revealed a couple of new bits of information about the onscreen superhero fight.

First up, Ben Affleck talked about his take on Batman which he says is akin to the vision that Frank Miller has with his “The Dark Knight Returns” comic:

“Usually, the films show Batman starting off, or in the prime of his career. Here, you’re dealing with an older version, a guy at the end of his journey. He’ll find meaning in his own life during his conflict with Superman. He really thinks Superman is an existential menace, and he believes destroying him will be his legacy.

We also play a bit more with the billionaire playboy side of the character. He lives that life at full tilt. He courts many women, owns many cars, and parties a lot. He does that as a way to fill the void in his soul. Moreover, past incarnations dealt with a straightforward search for justice. This time, Batman’s reasoning is clouded by frustration, bitterness and anger.”

Affleck revealed that when shooting the movie, his costume often didn’t sport arms – instead he had motion sensors which will allow them to recreate the clothing/armour on his arms. What’s the point of all that? “that allowed me to move my arms freely without looking like a robot during fight scenes.” The actor continues to have nothing but praise for his co-star Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor:

“Between the character that was written by Chris Terrio and Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal, it’s the meeting of two great minds, on the same wavelength. Luthor is, for me, the most interesting character in the film. He’s radically different from what we’ve seen so far. He’s grounded in reality, and he’s extraordinary.

This type of film is only as good as its villain. That’s why The Dark Knight was so brilliant, because of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Jesse improves the film with each scene he’s in. He’s not your usual one-dimensional villain, there’s a whole psychology behind him.”

Speaking of Lex Luthor, Wired has done a “Lex Luthor interview” which includes an infographic in which LexCorp’s proposed 2016 R&D budget is $2 billion. Back to the main interview and Henry Cavill spoke about how his portrayal of Clark Kent differs from Christopher Reeve’s klutz routine:

“Comparisons with Christopher Reeve’s clumsy Clark Kent are inevitable. My Clark Kent is trying to be as small and invisible as possible. If you’re awkward and spilling things constantly, people are going to notice you, and that’s not the best way to go unseen. You have to admit, it’s not a remarkable disguise, just a pair of glasses. He’d like to think that no one will believe he could be Superman. How could such a delicate flower be a living god? Preposterous.”

In related news, THR reports that Warner Bros. is considering a 70mm release of the film – not unexpected considering director Zack Snyder shot part of the film in 65mm.