Adjust Your Genital Size In “Conan Exiles

In RPG video games these days, you can adjust character elements down to the most minute detail – gone are the days of just picking hair and eye color, now you can make the face and overall body of the character your playing look like almost anyone from celebrities to that ex you really despise.

The video game “Conan Exiles,” which is now in early access on Steam, goes one step further than that though. PC Gamer has done an article including animated gifs of its character creation system which allows players to adjust breast and even genital size with a slider allowing for a much smaller or much bigger ‘endowment’.

There’s also three nudity options – none, partial and full. On top of which there’s a ‘Vanity Camera’ feature allowing you to explore your character from all different angles, allowing you to see what writer Chris Livingston dubs the ‘dong-and-sack physics’ of the game created using the Unreal 4 engine.

It is believed that “Conan Exlies” is the first major video game release to allow players to adjust the size of their avatar’s genitalia, but as it’s an Early Access release that feature may be removed.